Last night, we went to my dear friend Dan Collins’, retirement party. Very emotional. Dan is simply one of the best human beings I’ve ever known.

Dan has spent 36 years in the space business. He was the project manager who brought the International Space station into existence. He headed the Delta III, Delta IV, and Atlas rocket programs. He retires as Chief Operating Officer of United Launch Alliance.

Last night a litany of top generals and NASA officials paid the highest honors to him. (And I got to hear a lot about the future shape of US defense in the works.)

But I just know him as Dan, who smokes a mean ribeye roast. Who made yorkshire pudding because we were coming over for Christmas. Who brews his own beer, has a Star Trek pinball machine in the basement and is just funny as hell. Who decided to adopt two little girls when he already has three grown up kids and a bunch of grandkids.

When I grow up I want to be like Dan.