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Goodbye my sweet Rocket

At around 10am today, our beautiful boy passed away.

Rocket had been in so much pain in recent days that even the CBD oil wasn’t having much effect. He was done, and the look he kept giving us told us what had to be done.

He was quite simply one of the most loving dogs I’ve ever known. He adored his cuddles and being held like a baby. He was a rescue. He came to us from a kill shelter in Texas. When he arrived, he had heart worm, a nasty gum infection, scars on his snout, holes in his ears, and scarring and bone missing on his right shoulder. He had hip dysplasia. We don’t know if he was hit by a car, but we do suspect he may have been used as a bait dog. We showered him with love. Every single day. He wasn’t expected to live more than a year. In the end we got to keep him for 4.5 years. He healed from many of his ailments. His hair grew back. His eyes were bright. He loved life. But in the end, age caught up with him. We think he was about 12.5 years when he passed.

He loved soothing music, and being sung to. He hated sports and would leave the room if we cheered. He loved to chase kitty cats and rabbits, and once he bolted out the door so fast I walked a couple of miles to get him back. I swear he laughed at me. He learned to nod and adapted his bark so he could actually answer yes or no questions. Once he was so ill he pooped in the bathroom, and we found him with a towel trying to clean it up. And if you were down, he knew it and would try to comfort you. There are a thousand moments with Rocket that I will cherish forever.

This morning we took him to the vet and I carried him everywhere since he couldn’t walk. I finally laid him on a comfy blue blanket. We stroked his head, and gave him ear rubs while they injected him. I sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He was gone in less than a minute. The pain etched on his face melted away.

He was at peace.

Michelle, Lorelai, and I have been weeping all day. Our adopted boy was a huge part of our family and now he is gone.

I miss you, Rocket. You weren’t just a good boy. You were the best.