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“9000 is the sum of years since the war occurred, as is recorded, between the dwellers beyond the pillars of Heracles and all that dwelt within them; which war we have now to relate in detail. It was stated that this city of ours was in command of the one side and fought through the whole of the war, and in command of the other side were the kings of the island of Atlantis, which we said was an island larger than Libya and Asia once upon a time, but now lies sunk by earthquakes…”

– Plato



Based on Ancient Egyptian king lists, Stel's groundbreaking new theory is the first to place the Atlantis myth in an historical context using real-world data analysis.


Learn about where we went and what we found on our hunt for the most legendary lost city of all time.


Stel Pavlou is a British American author, screenwriter, producer and television host with interests in geomythology and archeomythology.

He is the author of the groundbreaking new theory on the date for Atlantis’ destruction near the beginning of the fifth millennium BCE. His paper, “Dating Atlantis: How Manetho Helps Address the Critias 108e Problem,” will be published in 2021.

Stel Pavlou’s debut adult novel, Decipher, was an international bestseller, and is cited in scientific papers for its inspiring concepts in nanotechnology. His adult novels Decipher and Gene (Simon & Schuster UK and St. Martins Press/Macmillan) have been published in 12 languages. His award winning children’s books in the Daniel Coldstar series from HarperCollins have been highly acclaimed by the Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books and Junior Library Guild, and graded as “Exceptional Chapter Book(s) for ages 8-12” by Imagination Soup.

Stel wrote and co-produced the cult classic movie The 51st State starring Samuel L. Jackson while working at a liquor store.

He learned to scuba dive specifically for “Hunting Atlantis” and has now dived on numerous classical, bronze age, and chalcolithic sites around Europe including the world famous Pavlopetri site in Greece.

He lives in Colorado with with his wife, youngest daughter, and a whirlwind of teeth called Hubble, a golden retriever puppy with no off switch.

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From international best selling thrillers, to award winning tween children’s books, and even a cult classic movie starring Samuel L. Jackson; discover Stel’s other work.

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